Chinese mother putting jade bangle on her daughter

Why is jade significant for the Chinese New Year?

Jan 5, 2023


Step into any shopping mall and you’ll hear upbeat songs signifying the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Even advertisements on social media will start to be decked in red, accompanied by drums and cymbals. The color red is an unmistakable symbol of the New Year, along with door couplets bearing favorable sayings and everyone’s favorite red packets!

Jade is also a significant part of the Chinese New Year due to it being entrenched in Chinese culture as a traditional bearer of beneficial signs such as new beginnings, protection, and luck.

Believed to provide protection and bring good luck.

Jade, when worn, is believed by some to provide protection against misfortune and enhances the chance of success in all your endeavors! With Chinese New Year, there will surely be dinners along with parties, which means it’s time to start planning your outfits, and our Allegra Earrings are perfect to welcome this season of Spring!

Jade jewelry is commonly assumed to be round and minimalistic, with a tendency to evoke traditionalism while being inspired by classic designs. However, our Allegra Earrings add a contemporary touch to it by creating a colorful mosaic through precious gemstones of white sapphires, morganite, and apatite. Painting a picturesque scene of Spring, with soft green jade, as well as splashes of white, blue, and rose gold, it is truly a breathtaking sight to behold.

As a meaningful gift filled with auspicious meanings.

Still can’t leave Christmas behind? Gift-giving is also a large part of Chinese New Year, but with a list of do’s and don’t. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd of common gifts for a family or friend, but are worried about breaking taboos, why not give them jade jewelry instead? Dating back to ancient China, jade is a preferred gemstone by the Imperial Family, which gave rise to it being the metaphor for power and prestige.

If you want to give your significant other something for this Chinese New Year, we would suggest our Delia Earring from our JOIE Collection! Jade also carries the meanings of grace and beauty, and this earring holds another promising meaning in Chinese culture. Two is a favored number, as there is a saying that goes “good things come in pairs”, therefore our Delia Earring will surely capture their heart.

Bring out the best in us.

Jade is a unique gemstone as it has many hues and colors, and jewelry is an expression of individuality as part of our identity. You might have also heard of the mystical properties that this gemstone is claimed to possess, from combating negative energies to improving one’s health. However, we can’t deny that jade jewelry brings out the best in us by enhancing our beauty.

Look your best at family reunions and gatherings this upcoming Chinese New Year with our Verity Ring! A gentle green jade with subtle hues of white, brought to the heights of luxury as it is cast in either 14K or 18K gold, topped by diamonds for a glimmering finish. This combination of nature’s most precious metal and gems will complete your outfit, as well as bring out the beauty in you.

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