Gen.K Jewelry uses only Type A jadeite.

There are different types of jade in terms of grades, ranging from Type A to C. Type A jade has not been treated in any artificial treatment except surface waxing.

We believe that works of art take time and commitment. In line with our philosophy, we put our longstanding trust in our craftsmen to ensure that all our jewelry pieces are of exceptional quality and brilliance. Each jewelry undergoes meticulous rounds of quality checks before it reaches our valued clients. The lead time is generally 10-14 weeks.

Yes. There will be a slight difference of 20%-30% in colour as all the stones used are natural. No two Gen.K Jewelry pieces are exactly the same. 

The jade used at Gen.K Jewelry is carefully examined by our in-house experts based on our strict quality control and assurance process. Should you require a certificate, we will be happy to get the jade piece certified by Nanyang Gemological Institute with a fee per jade piece. The certification process will take approximately 14 working days.

Yes, the one year warranty period covers workmanship issues of the jewelry. In addition, we provide a one time complimentary polishing service.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, NETS, American Express for local and international orders. We also accept bank transfers via Paynow or Paylah!. For installment methods, we accept ShopBack. Prices stated are subject to Goods and Service Tax (“GST”). GST will be calculated upon checkout.

If you require further assistance, please drop us an email at customecare@genkjewelry.com and we will get back to you within 3 working days.