What’s your style in JOIE?

Sept 29, 2022


Our JOIE Collection is a step away from the wedding sets we have released. Individualism and self-expression are etched into each piece, embodying what it truly means to be a free spirit. Endless possibilities are opened due to the variety of styles, as each piece is exclusive, from the arrangement of gemstones to its sophisticated handicraft.

From Gen.K, we present some tips on how to best shine with our newest Collection.


Jewelry can kindle many emotions in us, from nostalgia to courage. This Collection, being adventurous in its creation, is bound to evoke a wide range of feelings.

Our Ellie Ring with rose quartz set firmly in lavender jade, is a homage to the grit and determination of women throughout history, giving off an air of tenacity as well as commanding respect. Draw upon the historical moments that women have achieved for a boost of confidence at the start of your day!

The Ori necklace is reminiscent of a soothing walk in nature. With white jade surrounded by gemstones, drawing upon images of a blooming flower. A heartwarming sight of femininity, and tranquility, to complement a carefree atmosphere that you wish to exude. Remind yourself to step away from the busyness of city life, with a breath of fresh air.

Points of focus

If you want to highlight an easily overlooked part of you, such as your ears and hands, then we recommend using attention-grabbing jewelry. In this collection, we have several of them that can get the job done!

Delicate, with graceful curls, the Ophelia earring is dotted with semi-precious stones, highlighting the beauty of it and its wearer. Versatile, with its removable jacket, so you can also wear the stud alone, for subtlety. If you wish to draw attention to your face and add an air of luxury to your outfit, then this is for you.

Gemstones of vibrant colours imbue it with a joyful cheer, similar to a soft smile on the lips of a loved one, a testament that our crafters have poured their souls to bring this collection into existence. Our Nora Ring effortlessly highlights your wrist and hand, with its white jade crowned by sterling silver and precious stones, which will put you at the centre of attention no matter where you are.

Colours and patterns of outfit

When choosing jewelry and an outfit to go along, you may want to think about which one of the two you want attention to be on. If you would like to show off the piece of jewelry, then a simple outfit will do, but if you want to highlight your outfit, you may want to opt for a subtle piece.

For the Cordelia Earring, lavender jade radiates a calm atmosphere, complementing its intricately crafted patterns that are further adorned with gemstones. This earring’s design radiates boldness, which will shine the best piece when paired with outfits that is of a single colour.

The Delia Earring, with its unique and masterful craftsmanship, is truly one-of-a-kind. White topaz and green jade, blend into each other, with minimalism at their forefront. This piece goes well with loud patterns on your outfit, as it is subtle and can compromise with it.

Your personal motto

Jewelry is also an extension of yourself, and the JOIE Collection is crafted with the hope that wearers will find themselves in each piece and embrace self-expression as a way of life.

The Liana necklace is both detailed and meticulous, perfect for those who share these traits. With graceful curls made only possible through skillful hands, they are carefully nestled around precious stones of amethyst, sapphire, and tourmaline, accentuating their beauty. Green jade gently highlights these flairs, fully bringing them to light.

If minimalism is your motto, then the Indigo necklace may be for you. Lavender jade is the centrepiece while being encircled by white topaz that is further highlighted by sterling silver. If you prefer subtlety over flashiness, or want to be committed to decluttering your life, then this may be your source of inspiration.

The Tullia Earring is playful with colours that are carefully pieced together. It unites an era long gone, with the present day, to unleash the beauty of green jade, and a soft message of individualism, of what it means to be a free spirit.

Wearing this will indicate that you too, share the same qualities as this earring, and may inspire you to work towards a carefree life.