Woman wearing a whitejade earring

There’s a piece of Jade for every moment

April 8, 2022


Jade jewelry makes a perfect gift for anyone as it lasts forever. Every time we look at a piece of jewelry, it reminds us of a special moment or the special person who gifted it to us.

Having a friend’s birthday coming up and still struggling to find her a gift? It’s your anniversary but not sure what to get your partner? A closed one recently had her firstborn and you’re wondering what to gift her baby? Don’t worry! Here at Gen.K, that’s one less problem you have to worry about. We have a piece of jewelry for every occasion! Walk with us as we guide you through our collections of luxurious jade jewelry.

Jade jewelry for your loved ones!

These enchanting pair of earrings are set in 14k rose gold with a lovely pink morganatic and glitzy diamonds on white jade. Our Clematis Earring would fashion any event, from casual a night out with friends to wedding banquets. A perfect gift for your friend to celebrate any joyous occasion. She will definitely cherish it!

Step into our form of enchanted garden that thrives with exotic blooming flowers. This pair of earrings with white jade and plating to resemble intricate vines. Gift this to your partner on your anniversary day for an unforgettable moment shared by the two of you. Think of this as a bouquet for your loved one, but a bouquet that lasts eternally.

The Allure Bangle is a beautiful statement piece to elevate any ensemble. Gift this to your mother on her birthday to show her that you love her and appreciate all her efforts. What better way to say thank you than to gift her with something that lasts forever!

Jade Jewelry for you!

Who says gifts are only meant for other people? When was the last time you got a gift for yourself to honor you? Celebrate your own personal growth and milestones with our Candylicious Emerald-Cut Jade Ring. The emerald cut has been a favorite of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Amal Clooney. Its distinctive layered facets not only reflect light to create a mirror effect but also bring prominence to its colors!

Jade jewelry for babies/kids

Up next, comes our collection for babies, also known as Gen K Ma Cherri. The gift of life is a wonderfully special experience and it deserves to be honored with a luxurious piece of gem. Capture the joyous occasion of birth by bestowing a lasting memorable piece of jewelry designed precisely to reminisce the moment.

Is there anything more adorable than tiny baby jewelry? Whether you’re welcoming a new member to the family or celebrating the happy, healthy birth of a friend’s child, capture a lasting memory of her precious early life with our exclusive Bella Baby Anklet.

The jewelry is handcrafted from white color and adorned with an iridescent Green Jade charm, tinkly bells and infinity motifs, representing blessings and unconditional love.

Sparkly and cute, the Ma Cheri collection wonderfully captures the beauty of jewelry and the joy of being a kid! Keep this necklace close to the heart of your little one, exquisitely made from 9-karat solid white gold and feature a green jade donut with a dainty ruby center.

Jade jewelry for men

Gen K Homme, a collection dedicated to bold and confident modern day gentlemen, with a discerning eye for form and function. Gen K Homme emphasizes masculinity, perfect for someone casual, refined and a go-getter.

It’s your significant other’s birthday and you’re thinking of the perfect gift for him? Look no further! Our Maverick Bold Ring, a timeless and versatile addition to your ensemble, allowing it to be an ideal piece for daily wear. Make him feel like an elevated version of himself with this ring on!

Drop by our store today and let us know about the special occasion you’re celebrating! Our team will assist you in finding the perfect gift to honor the glorious moment.