Explore the new Prestige Collection: The TIA Collection

February 22, 2022


A touch of love and creativity, embodied in a symbol of eternity. Indeed, if diamonds are forever, then pink diamonds are its fancy-colored, romantic counterpart. Skillfully marrying the pink diamond with its signature Type A jade, Gen.K Jewelry is proud to present its newest additions to the Prestige line – the Tia collection.


Featuring a garden of florals and the butterfly motif as a mark of transformation, the pink diamond is thoughtfully crafted into each jewelry piece in this collection to allow its uninhibited radiance to shine. When it comes to fancy color diamonds, the pink diamond is among the rarest, and adorned by royalty around the world. This comes as no surprise as these extraordinary jewels possess a truly mystical allure. Its main pink hue notwithstanding, pink diamonds can have secondary overtones ranging from orange, brown, and even purple – a fascinating facet which adds to its luxurious character.


In creating the whimsical look of the Tia collection, it is not simply the pink diamond which lends each piece its unique presence. Particularly, plating the 18k rose gold in a harmonious manner to not overpower the pink diamonds proved a welcome challenge by the masters at Gen.K Jewelry. Delicately balancing its feminine aesthetics further with white diamonds and white gold, the bi-colour tones of each exceptional piece are the results of thorough conceptualization and careful design. On the execution front, the intricacies of the vines were undoubtedly the trickiest of all to craft, and only accomplished by the most experienced of hands. 

Bi-colour tones of the Tia jade bangle are carefully balanced, and the delicate vines showcase dedication to the highest craftsmanship

The Tia collection is launched as a four-piece set (Si Dian Jin) for the bride-to-be who wishes to not only own a symbol of eternity, but also exude romance and luxury. This incredible combination is, moreover, contrary to the typically formal design of pink diamond jewelry. Not forgetting Gen.K Jewelry’s expertise to uplift the standards of modern jade jewelry with its sophisticated creations, the Tia collection is truly made for the woman of substance of today. Each piece of the set speaks volumes in its prestigious origins, underscoring the significance of this honored wedding tradition. 

Gen.K Jewelry Tia collection Si Dian Jin necklace ring bangle earrings

The Tia collection is likewise for the woman who appreciates the ebb and flow of life. From gardens of nature, butterflies that undergo transformations, contemporary jade jewelry, and the touch of romantic pink diamonds – these elements culminate into one-of-a-kind pieces, the perfect companion for the woman who takes life in her stride and embraces this precious journey called “life”. 

Choose the Tia Earstuds for an effortlessly chic look

For the discerning eye that would be a confident owner of the Tia collection, that fateful encounter is simply an eventuality waiting for happen. Experience the Tia collection at Gen.K Jewelry’s flagship boutique at Capitol Singapore and discover this latest shimmering addition to the Prestige line today.