GenK Delilah Jade Set

The story behind Jade and why is it so popular?

February 15, 2022


Jade is one of the most treasured stones and has been mined in China for over thousands of years. Although mostly being advertised as jewelry today, Jades were used as weapons in the Stone Age due to its durability. Beautiful designs were used for carvings, decorations, ceremonies, and furnishing for the Imperial families. By 3000 BC, Jade became known as ‘yu’ or the ‘royal gem’.


Jade can be divided into two different minerals, jadeite and nephrite. We have listed the difference between those two minerals in the table below :







Harder (more durable)

Softer (formed in metamorphic rocks but goes through less pressure and stress than jadeite)


Darker more matte tones (black, red, pink, dark green, lavender)

More opaque looking (mostly white, cream, grey and green)


Vitreous to sugary

Greasy, silky & waxy


Myanmar, Russia, Japan

Canada, China

Jade naturally comes in different shapes and sizes, and may have impurities or grains in the stone that defines its character, making each piece of jade unique. Professional craftsmen will first observe a raw jade’s beauty, flaws, and spirit and then proceed to determine what shall be carved from it. Jade jewelry and artwork are extremely important to China’s culture and history.

Why do people wear Jade jewelry?

Jade is available to mankind in multiple forms such as ornaments, talismans and jewelries. They can be used in many different ways. However ,when worn as jewelry, it’s beautiful and allows us to access its powers throughout the day.


Apart from it’s visible beauty, jade comes with lots of benefits. They are strongly known for their healing properties. For example, jade is capable of erasing negativity from your aura and environment. They help with self confidence and emotional distress by bringing equilibrium and calmness. Jade also helps with the physical body, especially the kidneys, urinary and renal system and is sometimes referred to as the ‘spleen stone’. Jade brings you luck in love as well as in other areas of your life. It supports new love and increases trust in relationships. One can benefit from this stone in many different ways.


What inspired us into the Jade industry?


A little backstory!


Both the founders (Kayde Yeo and Genevie Yeo) have always had an interest in jewelry designing. Genevie who belonged in the corporate world back then decided to take a leap of faith into this industry in 2015 alongside her sister, Kayde, who has a major in Jewelry Design & Silversmithing. Their love for jade stones inspired them to establish Gen K Jewelry. They believe jewelries are a work of art and deserve to be cherished for generations to come.


Attaining inspiration from everyday life, to put on a piece of Gen.K Jewelry is to step into the glistening world of sisters Genevie and Kayde Yeo. Each piece of jade in Gen. K is instilled with a story and soul. Every piece is thoughtfully crafted and grounded in the duo’s curiosity of nature’s nuances, understanding of emotional connections and dedication to life philosophy. With a fusion of classic and contemporary, the jewelries designed by the sisters themselves are set to take your breath away.



Allow us to be there for you during your special moments, whether you’re celebrating the joy of love, honoring a loved one or even signifying a personal milestone.