Celebrate the Chinese New Year with JOIE!

Jan 31, 2023


Visiting family and friends, as well as delicious reunion dinners. How can the festival be complete without them? As you are planning on how to decorate your home best, don’t forget about yourself!


Embrace a brand new you with us at Gen.K, as we unveil our latest additions to JOIE, the collection which champions brave self-expression in women. Adorn yourself with jewelry that’s both breathtaking and liberating to give your self-confidence a boost this year!

Green is a beloved classic amongst the many colors of jade. Steeped in history as being the personal favorite of the royal family during Imperial China, it has since then become a status symbol that has held on until today. The Poise Open-Ended Ring is a mosaic of traditional and contemporary styles as it seamlessly pairs jade with precious gemstones of varying colors, including luminous white sapphires.


The day is filled with traditions and customs that date back thousands of years. If you want to reflect them, this ring can help you do so with an added touch of modernity!

Do you know? Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival, where flowers bloom and animals wake from hibernation. A wondrous sight that can only be captured in documentaries is now brought to life with our earrings!


The highlight of our Bellamy Earring is a pink gemstone, in the middle of the petals shaped out of silver, portraying the blooming flowers that awaken during this season. Then, it is followed by purple and blue gemstones thoughtfully placed to lead the eye to a stunning jade.


An amalgamation of vivid colors that are both bright as well as bold, our designer has created an awe-inspiring scene that perfectly captures the essence of Spring.


As a meaningful gift filled with auspicious meanings.

A popular word that can be seen and heard during the coming Lunar New Year is “fu” (福), which can be translated as happiness, blessings, or good fortune. The Jovie Necklace embodies the phrase ideally, through the presence of white sapphires and jade.


Sapphires are used to encircle the necklace ensuring that you exude prosperity with every step, which can be the perfect finish for your outfit when you want to add a touch of luxury. This piece also caters to those who lean towards contemporary tastes, as sapphires, similar to jade, are well known to be part of fine precious gems in the modern era.


But how can it be complete without auspicious significance? Take this piece home for you or your loved ones and wish them the strength to conquer every obstacle as well as be able to shine in every aspect of life!

Blooming flowers on a field of lush green grass. With Spring Festival just around the corner, the Esme Earring brings to your very eyes a montage of brilliance created by white sapphires, topped by a masterfully cut green jade hanging delicately from it.


The combination of precious gemstones, diamonds, and jade puts a creative twist on classic jade jewelry. It inspires creativity and bravery to explore the unknown which is a much-welcomed blessing as we start 2023.

When choosing decorations for the New Year, a favorite amongst many are those that are colored in red or gold, have auspicious sayings, or depict the zodiac for the current year. Shapes in Chinese culture have their own unique meanings which this piece expertly incorporates into its design. Circles such as those in the Araceli Earring illustrate the harmony between man and nature, as well as femininity with their contour curves.


The highlight of this pendant is a generously sized emerald with a masterful circular cut. Its allure is further enhanced through the vibrant green, representing growth and vitality. Bedecked by sapphires that put it in the spotlight, the creative combination of gemstones is a unique play on the concept of harmony

As we step into 2023, it’s like going into the unknown, and this earring is a genuine reflection of doing so with courage. The Elodie Earring’s jade is finely cut by our master craftsmen.


The white sapphires that dot this piece embody the traits of clarity and self-mastery. Adding on, this gemstone has been worn throughout history to signify protection, as well as to attract good fortune. When combined with jade, it creates a bold masterpiece that is sure to attract attention while representing the bravery we need when starting a new year.


Wear this earring throughout the year and conquer the unknown while keeping your goals in sight!


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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with JOIE!

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