Our Stories

October 24, 2017


As this is going to be our first article, we thought it might just be interesting if we could share a little about our founder/designer, Genevie. 

“Life is short. Live life harmoniously, treat the people around you right, and you will view life positively from a different angle.”

Genevie Yeo, founder, and designer of Gen.K Jewelry believes in living harmoniously with the people around her. Before she ventured into the jewelry industry, she held a full-time job in an established global technology company. Being in a high-stress corporate environment, it was inevitable to be stuck in the rat race. Her previous job required her to be in charge of confidential projects and meeting tight timelines were part of the requirements. Working with different levels within the organization was rewarding but yet challenging at the same time.

” Handling those tight-timeline projects alone were taxing enough. To ensure things run smoothly at work, there were days where you can’t just control individuals and events the way you want it. You need to possess a certain level of ‘soft skills’ (negotiation skills per se) to interact with the different levels of the organization to ensure all requirements are adhered to.”

There would be days where she would sit back in a cafe after a week of back-to-back meetings. While sipping her cup of hot mocha, Genevie enjoyed moments of ‘People Watch‘. During quiet moments like these, she would reflect on life….

It took her quite a while to take the leap of faith to start her own venture. Genevie felt that life is more than just running that rat-race, climbing that career ladder. She prefers to stride on a slower pace, where she can enjoy doing something she adores. 

Having a love for jade, Genevie decided to start her own brand. She is very inspired by a previous jade jewelry designer, the late Kate Reyes who used to own a modern jade label known as “Elizabeth Kate” back in early 2000.

Ever since she left the corporate world, Genevie has not looked back. She enjoys every moment now where she gets to design jade jewelry with a modern touch. She hopes to advocate self-love and kindness to others with her designs.