Kayde Yeo, Co-designer of Gen.K Jewelry

July 15, 2019


We believe that by now, you would have known how the name Gen.K Jewelry came about. It represents the names of both sisters, who are the brand founder and designers – Genevie and Kayde. Many of our supporters and clients have personally met and spoke with Genevie Yeo, who is the founder and head designer. As Kayde is the co-designer of the brand and designs for project-basis, some may not have met or spoken to her personally. We thought that we would love to share more of Kayde’s background in designing and revisit some of the jewelry designs she had in Gen.K Jewelry.

Kayde Yeo, co-designer of Gen.K Jewelry
Since young, Kayde has a flair in arts and love to sketch as a hobby. She loves the European culture and her signature style are asymmetrical and one-of-a-kind pieces. She decided to pursue and took up jewelry design, majoring in jewelry designing and silver smiting and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. She had her first job as an Intern and Designer for Elizabeth Kate, who is the first modern jade jeweller for the late Kate Reyes. After graduation, she joined renowned companies like Soo Kee as Jewelry Designer and Merchandiser, as well as La Putri and Facets Singapore as Designer, customizing designs to socialites and private customers. From commercial retailer to private to wholesale, she is experienced in all designing industry aspects.
Jewelled wedding gown from Allure Chartix, Denim Choker and Ring set
Kayde was one to the Top 10 Larry’s Jewelry Trends back in 2004 design competition. Her portfolio includes a jewelled wedding gown from Allure Chartix, which costs S$218,000. One of her favorite pieces was the Denim Choker and Ring set, which was gem-studded and costs almost S$34,000 and was featured in the Singapore Jewelfest Special.
Five Gems Bangle Sketches and Actualised-Product

The Five Gems bangle (one of our signature piece), is conceptualized and designed by Kayde. With a simple idea of creating a piece of jewelry that holds different meaning by incorporating jade with several gemstones (representing infinity love), she sketches it out and send it for production which is then brought to life after rounds of fine-tuning.
In the second half of 2019, Kayde will be focusing more on designing and creating bespoke pieces. After understanding Genevie’s business direction and vision for the company, she will be coming up with one-of-a-kind pieces that suit the market. Clients can set an appointment with her, to start the creation of the unique dream piece for the special one. Kayde will also be designing more wedding jewelry, which includes 4-pieces (Si Dian Jin 四点金) and customized wedding bands for clienteles who appreciate exclusivity and uniqueness in their jewelry.
Sketches of Kayde’s Upcoming Collections in 2019
In the upcoming project, Kayde uses marquise-shaped Blue and White Sapphires to design a pair of earrings and ring. Her inspiration for this collection was from the sea waves and dew drops when she had a morning walk at East Coast Park. We are amazed by how mother nature could influence and inspire her imagination.
We can’t wait to show you more sketches and actualized products. If you have any designs you would love to customized or would love to walk through the special designing process with us, schedule a free and engaging appointment with us at admin@genkjewelry.com or a phone call away at 8683-8488. We will walk you through the ideas and options, with professional advice from the team.