GenK Bliss jewelry set

Jewelry that will take your Christmas outfits to new heights

Dec 23, 2022


With the gifting season around the corner, you must have begun receiving invites to Christmas parties, annual dinners, or even planning some of your own! And this is when you may have started to go shopping for outfits for the upcoming celebrations. But how can your clothing be complete without some jewelry?

We at Gen.K are here to help, with a careful selection of jade jewelry that may put you in the spotlight this Christmas!


Elegance and luxury are embodied in the Bliss Necklace, characterised by intricate lattice-like patterns made from 14K rose gold, and dotted by glimmering white sapphires. The green jade is gently entwined by rose gold and sapphires, creating an impression of leaves growing on it. The motif of nature in this necklace is a call to spring that comes after the season that Christmas falls on, which will surely place you in the spotlight at any dinner or outing.

If you feel as if your outfit is missing a little something, this necklace will surely complete it! A minimalistic dress will pair well with the Bliss Necklace.

Part of the extensive and versatile JOIE Collection, the Indigo Necklace has a prominent lavender jade, topped with white topaz and hanging from a chain of 925 sterling silver. The soft shade of lavender jade resembles snow-covered lands, fitting perfectly into the theme of Christmas. Even though the jade is a huge highlight in this piece, the white topaz brings to mind a star in the night sky, especially when it is glimmering.

Gentleness is exuded from this necklace, perfect when worn with an elegant outfit, as the JOIE, Indigo Necklace is subtle in design and will blend well with any attire you choose.

If versatility is what you are looking for, then the Lexa Bracelet may be for you! With a choice of 14K or 18K gold, the chain can be described as dainty while the white sapphires lend it an air of opulence. It can be worn with a subtle and minimalistic outfit if you would like this bracelet to be the centre of attention. This is because the gold paired with sapphire complements each other well and having both precious metal and gemstones in the same jewelry elevates its elegance.

However, if you prefer subtlety, then this bracelet is suited for the job too. The small rounded link of gold chains that form this piece gives it soft corners that are delicate on the eyes. Its motif of flowers also plays into the aspect of gentleness that can easily blend into your outfit.

We have more jade jewelry in our shop, each being equally breathtaking as the ones featured here! Feel free to take a look and you may find yourself having a brand new favourite piece of jewelry.

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