International Women's Day x Fempreneur Secrets with Founder Huda

March 08, 2022


It’s a celebration across the globe to uphold women’s achievements in the cultural, political, and socioeconomic arenas. This International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, Gen.K Jewelry is proud to honor a passionate friend who rose against the odds to run a successful business empowering woman on their entrepreneurship journeys – Huda of Fempreneur Secrets

Huda’s entrepreneurship journey began at the early age of 18. A series of familial circumstances beginning with the loss of her father had led to unsavvy decisions made on the family business by surviving members. These events sowed the seeds of her conviction: That women needed to equip themselves with business capabilities in their arsenal of survival skills – and that with her first-hand experience, she was in a position to teach and enable fellow women to overcome these challenges.

As it turns out, Fempreneur Secrets is in fact Huda’s third business. Onlookers may have had the misconception that she had her own capital when in fact, she started with zero dollars. Through crowdfunding and winning a competition grant, Huda and her husband got Fempreneur Secrets off the ground in 2018 and began coaching women to build their own online businesses. Here’s a little surprise for all whom have waiting for – head on over to Fempreneur Secrets and catch her podcast episodes.

With a growing number of listeners from the US, UK, Australia and recently Singapore locals, Huda notes that juggling multiple roles at work and at home requires a good support system. Moreover, balance is key – it’s not about being in a constant rush to achieve business goals, but to give priority to life itself.

Indeed, a life where women not only have a voice, but the ability to influence and effect social change and determine their own life choices. As a team of fellow women, Gen. K Jewelry is inspired by friends like Huda and channels this positive energy into its sophisticated creations. Drawing parallels to this is the newly released Divine Duet – a collection of interchangeable rings which represent the multiple roles a woman plays as an entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and her very own lady. 

With IWD round the corner, this set of rings has been specially crafted with the contemporary woman in mind, where this piece of jewelry is so versatile to wear. The Divine Duet proves to be the perfect companion for any occasion. Be it a formal business meeting, a casual catch-up with friends, or even enjoying some “me time” alone, there is a Divine Duet that completes every outfit and sets the stage for success for every single woman out there.


From our team to you, we would like to wish all a Happy International Women’s Day!