Giselle Romantic Jade Jewelry
For Brides Now And Those To Be!

Aug 19, 2022


The softness of icy jade, entwined by vines with precious stones and sapphires nestled within them. Giselle is one of our newest collections for brides to be! Combining a touch of nature, with our Type A jade, we are proud to unveil our latest creation after months of labour.

Golden vines curling around jadeite of only the finest quality, while dotted by sapphires and precious stones that glisten in the light. If this seems like what you can only find in the pages of fantasy novels, we proclaim that at Gen K, we have brought it to life.

The intricate vines, with their curls and bends, while balancing precious stones of different colours, lend it a dreamy undertone, that is brought to life by the pristine jadeite, hanging gently at the end. Its soft white jadeite bears resemblance to a fluffy cloud, exuding an atmosphere of serenity that further adds to its fantasy-like qualities.

Another element of flora and fauna can be seen here, as the curling vines and gemstones, bears semblance to a flower. Its most breathtaking detail, however, comes from the delicately woven threads of gold around this ring. It highlights, as well as complements the colour of the jadeite, a masterful challenge that only the very best at Gen K can accomplish.

Perching above the finest jadeite is a cluster of multi-coloured precious stones. Romantic, awe-inspiring, and serene, this is perfect for women who want to exude an air of fascination, while displaying an appreciation for nature.

An exquisite design and fantastical concept brought to reality with the Giselle collection, a return to nature that whisks us away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We understand the much sought-after tranquility, and we add to it, a touch of luxury that young souls can take with them throughout their daily lives.

Come and visit us at our boutique today, and own this timeless collection.