Every Women's Special Day!

Oct 18, 2022


A wedding is every woman’s special day! From luxurious hotels to exotic beaches, you will be the centre of attention no matter the venue. To add a unique touch, some may want to have a themed wedding, as it is the fantasy of the soon-to-be-wedded couple brought to life, and a rare glimpse into the intimate thoughts of how they personalize their momentous event.


At Gen.K, we share the joys of each other, partaking in celebrations and contributions as if they were our own. Samantha, who is the Team Lead of the Marketing Department, will soon tie the knot, and what better way to set the moment in stone than to have a special set brought forth as well as created by none other than our Founder Genevie Yeo and Chief Designer Kayde Yeo!


We are proud to present Victoria, crafted from our best wishes and hopes to Samantha for her big day in the spirit of 家有囍事, or there’s a joyous event in our home!

This collection is a grand reflection of Samantha’s wedding theme of Magical Forest. As iridescent freshwater pearls are dotted amongst leaves and butterflies made from rose gold, perched delicately on a chain of 14K white gold, an idyllic scene is brought to life before our eyes, of a realm only found in stories of fairies. This also represents her love for the gemstone, as our Founder, and Chief Designer sought to genuinely have the collection be personalized just for her!


A generous circular cut of icy jade dangles from the chain, an auspicious sign of eternity, and hung from it, is an artisan’s cut of teardrop jade. A perfect piece for the star of the show with its one-of-a-kind design, and fascinating match of distinct shapes. Lending it an enchanting quality, they’re further adorned by butterflies, and entwined with vines of white gold, exuding a breath-taking aura that captivates every eye.

A perfect sphere of jade bedecked with butterflies, set upon a ring of 14K white gold, bursting with symbolism and deeper meanings. Beyond its harmonious blend of colours, playfully and cleverly used to bring out a sense of tranquillity, the butterfly and sphere aren’t simply chosen due to coincidence.


Butterflies represent an unbreakable bond between lovers, along with the sphere symbolising completion. In this piece, we have infused our well wishes to the soon to be newlyweds, crafted from celebration, hope, and joy, brimming with positivity and creativity. The white gold band allows the jade and butterflies to truly pop out, with its iridescent glow being captivating in its own right. 

From green jade of the finest quality comes our ring, accentuated with the delicate curls of vines of interwoven rose and white gold, masterfully crafted by the skilled masters here at Gen.K. This is a sight that can only be found in stories of fantasy and magical realms now brought to life! A freshwater pearl stands amongst them, and serves to maximise its majestic beauty, surrounded by butterflies and dainty vines. Wear this, and you are sure to leave onlookers breathless as they strive to take in each detail.

The unshakeable beauty of nature comes together in this earring. The butterfly with its subtle lattice design, with rose gold to give it an air of luxury. Next comes the freshwater pearl, created by nature to be lustrous as it is, without needing to be refined or changed in any way. Then, the icy jade, with hues of white and green, hanging elegantly while giving off a carefree ambience.


In addition to being detachable from studs to a dangling piece, letting you wear this in different ways, this piece exceeds your expectations of the creations by Mother Nature, bringing in renewed appreciation. 


Being committed to creating collections that are awe inspiring, and timeless, you can easily style and match each piece to your liking, making it truly yours!

Gemstones of vibrant colours imbue it with a joyful cheer, similar to a soft smile on the lips of a loved one, a testament that our crafters have poured their souls to bring this collection into existence. Our Nora Ring effortlessly highlights your wrist and hand, with its white jade crowned by sterling silver and precious stones, which will put you at the centre of attention no matter where you are.