Engagement Ring Alternatives: Love in Every Form

February 5, 2020


Nothing is mysterious, no human relation, except love. It is the oldest feeling in the world, yet somehow always feels new when it hits. It poetically guides you like an elusive thread weaving its way through the passing days, the blooming burst of emotions, the constellation of stars and other wonders that make life’s moments unfading. 

For us, love is synonymous with jewelry. We continuously dedicate our know-how to capture its essence and translate it into designs that spark dreamlike narratives that resonate with everyone. Our creations exalt the bond between soulmates and offer infinite possibilities, ones that are eternally and uniquely yours. Whether your heart is set on a bold cocktail ring or a delicate jumble of coloured gems, you are free to express yourself with alternative engagement baubles that are as distinctive as the relationship you celebrate.

While white diamonds attract the eye with their incredible brilliance and reflective glints, jade pierce the heart for their old world charm and additional emotional appeal. The beloved stones reinterpret our collections in a contemporary way, echoing the understated taste of its muse and punctuating her days with love, balance and protection. The pure lines of the ring come together in total refinement to enhance the centre gem, revealing all its sparkle.

Every relationship is unique, and the token of romance it represents should be precious in more ways than one. Our creations accompany declarations of love in all forms and the deep personal value that surround them, with a plethora of styles that perfectly enhance the splendour of gemstones. Choose birthstone as solitaires, get a double dose of diamonds to signify your unique as two individuals coming together or stack multiple rings in a technicolour assortment of shades — a perfect representation of you and your partner’s past, present and future.
Even though the choice of a ring is the quintessential gift of a committed future together, our collections also serve up other sparklers to suit every taste. Break the status quo in the sweetest way possible with an exquisite pair of earrings that aglow with desire or a beautiful necklace that drapes elegantly close to her heart. The alternative betrothal jewels will get a “Yes” in a heartbeat.
Here’s to love and celebrating cherished ceremonies of affection — we are truly honoured to be a part of your happily ever after.

*From now till 14 February 2020, purchase any jewelry from our Valentinés Day exclusive launch to receive a decadent set of ROYCE’ Collection. T&Cs apply.