GenK Ellery jewelry set with bracelet

Ellery Collection, Traditionalism with a Touch of Modernity

Aug 12, 2022


Gemstones crown the ornate filigree-like pattern to bring attention to its masterful craftsmanship, before being brought together by pristine white jadeite of the highest quality. A meaningful collection from us at Gen K, as white jade represents the enhancement of love in one’s life, while the intricacy of its interwoven pattern stands for the interwoven relationship between you and your other half. There’s nothing better to showcase your romantic love than our Ellery Collection.

An aura of elegance, and grace, with white jade elevating its air of femininity. Its sparkling gemstones lend to it a regal atmosphere, designed to transform every young woman into a queen of her own right. Complemented by gemstones, each piece will capture the heart of fashionable brides who seek to exude a romantic mood.

Featuring a lacework pattern, this is a subtle yet bold way to showcase the complexity of a romantic relationship. Drawing upon the inspiration of traditional hand embroidery, this design is cleverly infused with modernism, through its contemporary shaping, along with the main attraction of a gemstone, that makes it a feast for the eyes.

Designed to be both subtle, and bold, this piece is versatile. With a generous size of jade of only the finest quality, which hangs softly off, an intricate weaving pattern that can only be achieved by Gen K’s most skilled. An atmosphere of finesse, and charm, awaits whoever dons this piece, and the entire collection.

Hues of white and green, drawing upon themselves to immerse the wearer and those who lay eyes on it, in the traditionalism that jade has been steeped in for countless years. Symbolizing virtue, goodness, and all traits that are desirable in a human being, we add a modern touch to it through the delicate latticework that represents the creativity that stems from today.

Boldness, subtlety, traditionalism, and contemporary, the Ellery collection, conceived and brought to life by the finest minds at Gen K, draws upon our past and present, to deliver this timeless collection to you.

Only available at our boutique in Singapore, come visit us now, to look upon this marvelous collection.