Celebrating Mother’s Day with customised jade jewelry: An interview with Wilson and Paige

May 11, 2023


In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Wilson and Paige to discuss their experience with Gen.K and their unique, customized pieces that celebrate the completeness of their family.

Wilson shares with us how he came to know about Gen.K through his wife, who was impressed by the elegant and timeless designs. He took it upon himself to research more about the brand and its offerings, ultimately deciding on a customized jade jewelry set. When asked why jade was chosen, Wilson explains that he considered various options, from designer bags to watches, but he wanted something that was not only unique but also meaningful. Upon discovering the story and meaning behind jade, and the possibility of customizing a piece for his wife, he knew he couldn’t go wrong.

Paige’s jade pendant features a circular cut of jade, with a dotted pattern of colourful gemstones. The gems add a pop of colour to the delicate and elegant piece, making it unique and eye-catching. The design of the pendant is inspired by the concept of a family tree, with the gemstones representing the branches that grow and flourish with each passing day.

Asher’s jade anklet is equally stunning, with a circular cut of jade that is also dotted with colourful gemstones. The bracelet is designed to symbolise the unbreakable bond between a parent and child, with the gemstones representing the love and support that parents give to their children. This will surely be a cherished piece to be treasured fondly for years to come.

Wilson’s gift to his wife and son serves as a beautiful reminder of the love and importance of family. The customised jade jewelry set is not just an accessory, but a special heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come. The pieces are a reflection of a testament to the unbreakable bond between a husband, wife, and child.

When asked about his experience as a new parent, Wilson described it as both overwhelming and rewarding. The small moments with his son are magical, despite the stress and challenges that come with parenthood. Paige echoed similar sentiments, describing motherhood as a new and unexplored territory filled with conflicting emotions. In the first few weeks after Asher’s birth, she struggled to accept this new phase of life. However, she soon learned that she was simply an improved and more mature version of herself, not a completely new identity.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to appreciate the sacrifices and love of mothers and fathers alike, who go above and beyond for their families.

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