A walk in Magical Forests, why the Victoria Collection is most suited for nature lovers!

Oct 31 2022


At Gen.K, we constantly break barriers and strive to be better than we are before. Bringing fantastical scenes to life is a favorite of ours, along with evoking emotions, as well as nostalgic moments. We wish for each of our fine jewelry to be the cause of your joy and awe.

With Victoria, we have once again brought forth a majestic collection, this time we bring you through the fantastical forest that can only be found in books and movies of magical realms. When worn, Victoria will elevate your wedding to new heights, with one of a kind atmosphere that is radiated by the exquisite craftsmanship and brilliant design that created this collection.

Having a butterfly flutter around you is perhaps a magical moment, as its graceful movements exudes serenity like none other, while its gorgeous being radiates majesty.

This necklace will recreate the moment and set it in stone, with multiple butterflies made of luxurious rose gold delicately perched on a 14K white gold chain. To nature lovers, what could be better than an awe-inspiring homage to Mother Nature’s magnificent creatures?

The circular cut of icy jade and an artisan’s cut of teardrop jade is complemented by the rose gold butterflies and leaves intricately intertwining around them, accentuating their beauty in a sight that’s only previously seen in works of fantasy.

This ring, with its spherical cut of jade, is accompanied by a rose gold butterfly. Attention is placed solely on both of these equally fine-crafted adornments, with the jade being in a pleasing shape, and the butterfly clearly made by a skilled craftsman.

Nature’s beauty is given the spotlight in this piece as those who lay eyes on it will stop to ponder on the other wonders that they may have missed when going on with their daily lives. Man-made wonders are constantly highlighted in the news, but what of those made by Nature? This is a question many may ask themselves as they see this ring.

You will be indirectly bringing to attention the importance of protecting nature while looking gorgeous in this piece that exudes an aura of luxury with its colors of green jade and rose gold.

Interwoven vines of rose gold and white gold are curled gently around our finest green jade. It resembles a sunset graced by clouds, this piece gives out an atmosphere of calm, a breath of fresh air as we live in the hustle and bustle of city life, and a reminder to stop and admire what nature has to provide.

This piece in a wedding is truly magical, as it combines fantasy with nature via its colors and designs, a true mosaic of an ideal world for a nature lover.

The pearl, said to be one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations is highlighted alongside the cut of icy jade. This can be said to surely be a nature lover’s favorite, as the pearl and jade, are creations of nature, with them both being cleverly used by our Chief Designer to highlight each other’s qualities.

With only one of each adornment, the leaf, butterfly, pearl, and jade, this piece also invokes a great appreciation towards nature, as those who view it will have their attention equally divided amongst them. Their details can be examined in closer detail, bringing to life the intricacies of its design, and elevating the beauty of this piece.