5 Si Dian Jin Sets Modern Brides Will Love

May 8, 2019


Like the west enthusing about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, the quintessential bling for a Chinese bride in the olden times is a set of dragon and phoenix-engraved jewelry in 24-karat gold.

Consisting of a necklace, ring, bangle and a pair of earrings, this betrothal gifting custom holds great significance in the Teochew culture as it not only symbolizes the acceptance of the bride into the new family, but also an affirmation that she will always have a roof over her head and be well taken care of.

These days, however, millennial couples are turning to more forward, but no less important, ways to honour this enduring practice. They are forging their own path, keen to do things differently to their elders, and are now materializing their union in glorious technicolour — choosing alternative 4-piece sets over traditional ones. 

Forget the chunky Si Dian Jin ornaments of yesteryears in the most ostentatious shade of butter-yellow that were oftentimes tucked away in safety boxes to be privately cherished. At Gen.K Jewelry, the traditional and modern co-exist in a defining line of contemporary bridal trousseaus that can be worn well beyond your wedding day. From feminine classics with a twist in dainty solid gold variants to something more unconventional with gem-encrusted pieces, there are simply no hard-and-fast rules here. Just like the object of your affection, if you fall in love, nothing else matters.

Peruse our picks of the best Si Dian Jin sets with a decidedly fresh aesthetic that will take you from your traditional qun kua, cheongsam and wedding gown to your everyday wardrobe in a heartbeat.

The Zuri Jade Collection

Something old, something new… these exquisite Zuri pieces offer the best of both worlds to set your heart aflutter. Crafted with the modern traditionalist woman in mind, they are cast in 9-karat rose gold and set in an heirloom-like arrangement — illuminated by a ring of white sapphires surrounding a translucent icy jade at the centre.

Slip the bangle and ring easily on, or keep the earrings and necklace in focus with tucked-back hair and bare neckline to showcase the gentle movement of the lavender jade drops.

The Astra Jade Collection

For the romantic dreamers who believe in wishing upon a star, the Astra Jade collection is your celestial match. Heavenly bodies are plucked from the midnight sky and fashioned into a beautiful constellation of morganite, white sapphires, white gold and white jade so that you’ll shine the brightest on your big day.

Shower yourself in constellations by wearing them together for maximum bling, or wear them individually on rotation post-wedding to add subtle sparkles — getting more mileage out of these precious jewelry has never been easier.

The Honeycomb Bee Jade Collection

It doesn’t get any dreamier than a garden wedding. Maybe it is the flowers, the lush scenery or all of that love in the air, but there is no better way to create a buzz down the aisle than to be adorned in whimsical bee jewelry. Signifying growth, love and family ties, Mother Nature’s finest messengers that perch on these pieces are decorated with a beautiful array of gemstones — including citrine, garnet and green jade on the bodies and glistening diamonds on the wings.

The Florella Jade Collection

Nature is a theme that is synonymous with Gen.K Jewelry, and this Florella Jade set does so in a refreshingly contemporary way.  Lavished in a medley of blue, purple and white sapphires to mimic cascading flowers, these bangle, earrings and necklace are handmade with 9-karat white gold and enhanced with icy and lavender jade. Wear yours with the complementing purple amethyst-centered ring — adding the perfect amount of glimmer for your nuptials and beyond.

The Amara Jade Collection

The threads of your lives are tangled together in a promise of forever after. This matrimonial commitment is encapsulated in the Amara Jade collection, a brilliant choice for the modern bride seeking something unique and inherently personal. Inspired by the entwined fingers of lovers, the jade bangle and ring feature interlocking 14-karat rose gold bands that are set with light-catching diamonds.

Pair them up with the necklace and earrings of similar styles that work great for the ceremony and after — a heartfelt reminder of your love story that you hold close against your skin.

Bespoke Customized Bridal Jewelry Set

Whether you prefer our readily available assortments or you wish to custom a Si Dian Jin set that is anything but ordinary, we are here to walk you through all the options to make your bridal dreams come true.  One can only imagine the possibilities — and of course, it is all just an inquiry away. To book a viewing appointment/discuss design ideas: +65 8683 8488.