Window to the soul: How Jewelry mirrors our personality and values.

Nov 28, 2022


Jewelry speaks to those who are observant. Not just an accessory, they are also an extension of our personality. Depending on their color, cutting, pattern, gemstone, and even designer, they each can send a different message to others about who you are.


Grand and maximalist

If jewelry that will draw attention attracts you, then you may be an extrovert! Statement pieces of jewelry may line your wardrobe, as you don’t shy away from the eyes of others. Your love for big and bold adornment speaks of a free-spirited soul with a carefree nature that seeks adventure everywhere you go!
Examples of jewelry that may suit you are bangles and cuffs, with noticeable gemstones dotted on them, or a single piece of high-quality jadeite that makes you stand out in the crowd. A tendency to lead and inspire may be a quality of yours too, as others will notice your grand jewelry and gravitate toward you.

Romantic and classic

You prefer the finer things in life, along with a chance of being a family-oriented individual. Timeless elegance is your go-to style, and you may find yourself opting not for trend, but the quality that comes with it. A quiet afternoon spent reading in a cafe may appeal to you more than a night out with friends.
You also may have an eye for detail, preferring to admire jewelry for its intricacies, rather than those right out in the open. When assessing a situation, you find details that others may miss, and may spot have a knack for spotting subtlety. Minimalistic pieces may also suit your style, as long as there are fine details or expert handicraft present.

Luxury, and branded

With lofty goals and a determination like no other, you work towards your targets one step at a time. Unafraid of obstacles or challenges of any kind, you keep your eyes on the prize. Luxurious jewelry, especially those bearing well-known brand names, is a sign of your achievements and a reminder that you only settle for the best.
While others may see it as a status symbol, you see it as a way of taking ownership of the path you’ve chosen. Work hard, play hard, may also be your life’s motto, as you don’t shy away from rewarding yourself when another challenge has been overcome. To others, you may seem to put in your all every single hour, pulling late nights and sacrificing breaks, but you always make space for time to rest and recuperate.

Exclusive, and one of a kind

You are always on the hunt for limited edition pieces, and this reflects your fearlessness in standing out from the rest. Thinking out of the box is your first choice when faced with a task or challenge, and you may come up with unique solutions. Each one that you own has a story to tell, and more often than not, they’re used as icebreakers at a social event. Art exhibitions and antique stores draw you in, as your taste for exclusivity may not just cover jewelry.
Your hobbies may also consist of painting, creating music, or anything artistic, as you strive to leave a unique mark on the world. You exude a fun vibe to others, as they’re drawn to your bravery in standing out.
Here, at Gen K, we have a variety of jade jewelry for you to express yourself! Feel free to browse our online boutique, or contact us, if you have any questions.