The Mikaela Jade Bangle

April 10, 2019


It’s your turn to mesmerize!

The perfect way to show the magical effects of your happiness with this whimsical and enchanting piece of Mikaela Jade Bangle.
We are excited to show you our most recent collection, so grab my hand and be ready to get bewitched! 

A little spark of magic, intrigued by the symbolism and meaning of gemstones used in creating exquisite designs and pieces for magical moments. Drawing inspiration from the whimsical feel of magic and stardust, we decided to design a brand new collection, something that sparks joy and happiness for you and people around you; a collectible that is captivating that holds one’s attention completely like magic. 

Gen.K Jewelry’s new collection – The Mikaela Jade Bangle is an enchanting piece, by the wave of your hand, wizardly charms and spreads delightfulness with the mystical touch of gemstones.

From conception to completion, the Mikaela Jade Bangle design reflects an extraordinary charisma enchantment that dictates the mesmerizing beauty that all women have within. Adorned with expertly chosen gemstones, these luminous stones are the sparks that ignite the mystical world of imaginations. Divinely designed with a combination of Rose Quartz, Iolite and Purple Amethyst gemstones set in 18K Rose Gold on an exquisite Lavender Burmese jade, this queenly piece is delicately hand-crafted to bring out the positive energy of every woman who wears it. The end results are alluring jewels of fascination and delightful beauty, simply described by a single word: Spellbinding.
For every woman who wears it, brings this magical touch of joy, happiness and delight.

Happiness leads to a long life, indeed. It is an energy that flows in you and through you. The root of happiness is by having an attitude of gratitude, which makes us more appreciative and trusting, gives us better self-esteem and helps us bounce back from stress. It allows us to view the world, and our situation within this world, in a more positive, healthy way.
Gen.K Jewelry humbly present to you our newest creation, the Mikaela Jade Bangle in our boutique at Pacific Plaza, #02-08.