Styling Jade Jewelry Bracelets: Our Tips and Tricks!

July 22, 2022


A bracelet is an excellent way to flaunt our accessories and sense of style. While some individuals enjoy bright, flamboyant designs, others adore thin, simple bracelets. Both are astounding in their own way, but if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what works best, then this article is for you. We will go into each detail to take note of when you’re shopping for the perfect bracelet next!

Put an end to worries about mismatched outfits or jewelry with the star of our write-up, Giselle Collection!

Versatility might as well be its middle name, for it can be worn to suit multiple styles. With the bracelets and ring’s eye-catching feature of sleek vines spread across its pristine surface, adorned with sparkling multi sapphires, you can give yourself an exquisite air. Perfect if you worry about being underdressed for the day. Their earrings and necklace can each be worn separately from other pieces. The former will complete a dressy feel for our outfit, while the latter exudes elegance.

It’s not hard to see why these four styles in one set our top choice are! But read on if you wish to know our insider secrets on styling jade jewelry bracelets.

Wrist size

Are you more on the petite side, or do you have larger wrists? If you have small wrists, avoid wearing thin bracelets since they will make your wrists look even smaller. Instead, use larger patterns to create the impression that your wrists are larger than they are. Similarly, if your wrists are bigger, use thin bracelets to make them look smaller.

The Lenora delicate bracelet has a classic minimalist design that it’s sure to become a favorite! It’s composed of rose/white gold and has a jade center accented with vivid sapphires that enable light to shine through at the perfect angles. Wear it alone or with other similar styles for the trendiest touch. Because of the simple design, this bracelet may be worn casually or to spruce up an outfit.


Yes, your manicure matters too! If you prefer long, bright colors when it comes to your manicures, then it’s best to keep your bracelets neutral. However, if you’re not much of a manicure person or prefer neutral colors, you can opt for bolder designs when it comes to your bracelet choices.

Packing an air of luxury, this triad of green jade is crowned by white diamonds to give it a dignified finish. You may now worry that they will outshine your manicure, but fear not! Their gentle green, mixed with hues of white, can easily complement the colours you wish to adorn your nails in, be it soft or bold, which makes it a safe pick if you are in a rush. They can also be worn on their own to give your outfit an extra punch.


This is the most important aspect when it comes to styling your bracelets. Bold, loud patterns call for minimalistic jewelry as you want the attention to be on your outfit. Wearing flashy pieces of jewelry will make you appear messy which is something we want to avoid. Stick to neutral colors for your attires and wear statement pieces to draw attention to your wrists.

Another guideline is to refrain from wearing garish patterns to work if you want to seem professional. Save the bold pieces for a night out.

One of our personal favorites! Embrace your inner royalty with the Carezza bracelet. Resembling a crown, this bracelet is made in 14k rose gold, white sapphire adornments, and an ice jade centerpiece— a delicate yet exquisite piece for everyday use.

Sense of style

Lastly, choosing a bracelet comes down to your own personal style. Whether you prefer standout pieces or simplistic designs, the choice is yours! When it comes to jewelry, there are no guidelines. Our website offers a wide range of possibilities, so you’re bound to encounter something you like! You are welcome to visit our store, however owing to the unprecedented circumstances, we strongly advise you to make an appointment with us beforehand. Have a good day shopping!