Eudora Collection

Step into the timeless enchantment of our Eudora Collection, where the captivating charm of donut jade, embraced with delicate swirls of rose gold, embodies a perfect fusion of grace and refinement. With its tranquil allure, each piece in the Eudora Collection promises to become a treasured family heirloom, preserving not only the elegance but also the cherished memories of your special day for generations to come.

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Lab Dazzle: Eudora Cuff


or 3 instalments of SGD 1076.00 with

Lab Dazzle: Eudora Earring


or 3 instalments of SGD 629.33 with

Lab Dazzle: Eudora Necklace


or 3 instalments of SGD 499.33 with

Lab Dazzle: Eudora Ring


or 3 instalments of SGD 462.67 with