JOIE III: Embracing the World of Gemstone and Jade Jewellery.

Sept 21, 2023


Sophie Earrings

Experience the allure of jade and precious gemstones as they work together in the Sophie Earring to bring out the resplendent beauty of nature. Here, you are offered a choice between two mesmerising pairs of earrings, each with its own appeal.

The first version has a cyan Iolite take centre stage, complementing the soft hues of jade perfectly in a harmonious blend of colours. Combined with the vivid red gemstone, this earring is crafted to catch the eye and turn heads, no matter the occasion. If you are seeking a subtle blend of grace and refinement, then the second version, with a transparent Iolite may suit you best. It exudes an air of grace that is elevated by the presence of jade. This pair of earrings will surely add a touch of luxury to your outfit.

The hexagonal cut of these precious gemstones in the Sophie Collection draws inspiration from the shape’s unique geometry. This not only adds a touch of modernity but also symbolises balance and harmony in its symmetry, infusing each earring with an elegant and structured appeal. Furthermore, the circular cut of jade hanging delicately at the end of each earring acts as a tranquil counterpoint to the vibrant poppy hues of the gemstones.

This harmonious balance of colour and shapes embodies the essence of calm and tranquillity. Whether you’re drawn to the soft blues, the enchanting purples, or the passionate red hues, Sophie Earrings are designed to complement any style, no matter the occasion or outfit.

Cora Ring

The Cora Ring is an exquisite testament to the kaleidoscope of life’s vibrant spectrum. In this one-of-a-kind accessory, gemstones and jade unite, creating a wearable masterpiece that effortlessly mirrors life’s colourful and cherished moments.

In this enchanting accessory, you’ll find a harmonious blend of gemstones, each chosen for its unique personality and charm, coming together to form a beautiful ensemble. You can choose between two remarkable rings, each with its own unique charm.

For both rings, an Iolite takes centre stage, precisely cut into a hexagon, immediately drawing the eye. In the first version, the Iolite gemstone bears a translucent hue with a subtle play on colours, adding depth and character to its appearance. The second version bears a soft blue Iolite similar to tranquil waters, representing those moments in life when all is calm and graceful.

In both versions of the Cora Ring, a round jade centrepiece nestles amidst the gemstone ensemble. Its soothing green hue acts as the common thread that grounds the ring with a sense of balance. Regardless of which version you choose, the jade serves as a symbol of tranquillity and harmony, reflecting your inner peace and equilibrium.

Faith Earring

Step into a world of enchantment with the exquisite Faith Earring—a masterpiece that invites you into a realm of elegance and serenity. With elegantly dangling gems that sway with every step you take, these earrings add a touch of nature’s tranquillity and royal charm to your style. The Faith Earring comes in two captivating styles, each featuring a circular-cut jade at the end, red rhodolite accents, and a hexagonal Iolite focal gemstone.

In the first variant of Faith Earring, we’ve chosen a hexagonal Iolite gemstone in a serene sky-blue hue. This captivating gemstone captures the essence of open skies and tranquil waters. Its geometric shape adds a modern touch, making it the perfect focal point for your ensemble. As it sways with your every move, it evokes the feeling of a clear day, inspiring a sense of calm and optimism.

In the second variant, the Iolite gemstone takes on a translucent form, adding an air of mystery to your look. This gemstone’s unique translucence invites you to explore life’s enigmatic depths. Its hexagonal shape is a symbol of balance and harmony, reminding you to embrace the beauty of life’s complexities.

At the heart of both variants of the Faith Earring lies a round piece of jade, a symbol of serenity and harmony. This soothing green gem complements the vibrant hues of the Iolite and the passionate red rhodolite accents, grounding the earrings with a sense of harmony.

Daphne Ring

Daphne Ring is where the brilliance of gemstones meets the calming embrace of jade. Featuring a jade centrepiece, complemented by the enchanting pink rhodolite and Iolite gemstones, the Daphne Ring is available in two captivating versions, each with its own unique allure to elevate your outfit.

In this first version of the Daphne Ring, you step into a world of unparalleled clarity and precision, much like gazing upon the breathtaking sight of nature’s untouched landscapes. This ring is a statement of minimalism and refinement, with the transparent Iolite gemstone representing pure beauty.

The second version of the Daphne Ring immerses you in nature’s vibrant hues. This ring serves as a constant reminder that life’s moments can be both vivid and enchanting, mirroring the vivaciousness of the world’s wonders. The cyan-blue Iolite gemstone represents the boundless energy of the natural world, with its ever-changing landscapes and kaleidoscope of colours.

At the heart of both versions of the Daphne Ring lies a circular cut of jade. This precious stone is nature’s gentle embrace, its soothing green hue mirroring the serenity of lush landscapes and tranquil forests. Furthermore, the addition of pink Rhodolite gemstones evokes the tender beauty of nature’s blush. These gemstones capture the essence of blooming flowers, their soft pink hues reminiscent of petals in a serene garden.

Bella Earring

Elevate your elegance to new heights with the Bella Earring, a masterpiece that beautifully fuses colours and gemstones. In these earrings, nature’s palette meets pure brilliance, creating an exquisite harmony of elements that define grace and sophistication. Additionally, the Bella Earring offers you a choice between two captivating versions, each with its own unique charm.

The first style bears an Iolite gemstone that exhibits a captivating, translucent tint. It’s akin to the soft haze that graces a tranquil morning, adding an element of mystery to your ensemble. These earrings are an ode to subtle sophistication, a reflection of the enchantment found in life’s quiet moments.

The second style of the Bella Earring showcases Iolite with a gentle misty tint. This hue infuses your look with a warm, inviting glow, like the first light of dawn. These earrings are a reminder that beauty can also be found in the subtle nuances of colour, adding a touch of warmth and grace to your style.

At the end of each Bella Earring, a round cut of jade dangles elegantly. It accentuates the earring’s eye-catching qualities with its soothing green hue, reminiscent of nature’s lush greenery. It adds a touch of tranquillity and balance to the overall design, creating a sense of harmony in every detail.

The Bella Earring is a masterpiece that celebrates the fusion of colours, gemstones, and the elegance of nature’s colours. Whether you choose the allure of translucent Iolite or the misty version, you’re embracing the brilliance of life’s colourful moments.

Azure Necklace

At the heart of the Azure Necklace, hexagons take centre stage. These geometric wonders symbolise harmony, balance, and unity. Their perfect symmetry is a reflection of nature’s precision, reminding us of the delicate balance that exists in the world around us. This necklace comes in two distinct versions, offering you a choice that suits your style and taste.

In the first form of the Azure Necklace, the centrepiece features a translucent Iolite. This gemstone symbolises the wonder of life’s mysteries, much like gazing at the intricate patterns of clouds in the sky. Its ethereal appearance invites you to embrace the enigmatic side of life, reminding you that elegance can be found in the subtlety of nature’s wonders.

The second form, on the other hand, showcases Iolite with a gentle misty tint. This unique hue infuses your look with the warm embrace of the afternoon sun and casts a soothing aura over your outfit. It reminds us to stop and take in the enchanting moments that every day brings, in the little moments that spark joy in us all.

The Azure Necklace is an exquisite reflection of balance and serenity. With its hexagonal design symbolising equilibrium, the serene green jade offering tranquillity, and the gemstones providing splashes of colour, it’s an elegant masterpiece.

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