JOIE Collection Unveiled!

Sept 24, 2022


Constantly pushing the bounds of creativity, we are proud to unveil the JOIE Collection, an interwoven tapestry of the past and the present, of women’s empowerment, and the celebration of womanhood. Another timeless collection unveiled, to pay homage to life’s precious philosophies, as we have always done, and to go beyond producing just jade jewelry, but to impart them as heirlooms, each enriched with a story. 

Fine ladies with a contemporary taste will be overjoyed to know that this collection has them in mind. Exquisitely crafted to express unwavering individualism, we have used sterling silver, to give this collection a step into modernity. Even down to our logo, it exudes vibrancy and joy, that we wish to impart to the wearer. Our four colors each stand for freedom, imagination, balance, and new beginnings, radiating positivity and confidence to remind you of all that is good.

As a celebration of women’s achievements and empowerment, each piece sends a subtle but bold message, brought by the amalgamation of color, gemstones, and design. We want each lady to wear them proudly, and often, to showcase how far they have come in the journey of life, as well as their bravery in being true to themselves. Each design is a one-of-a-kind, capturing the essence that each woman expresses themselves in a different manner, and to be out of the box is to be celebrated, like the many differing precious gemstones that dot this Collection.

Jade, our main feature is now decked in modern silhouettes. The dazzling blend of colors, stems from semi-precious gemstones, generously crowning each piece, symbolizing the co-existence of modernity and traditionalism.

Found only at our online store, the JOIE Collection is designed to cater to working adults, as well as those who wish to own an exquisite piece of jade jewelry, suited to be worn on every occasion. Stepping away from our usual soft romantic palette, we have chosen to be bold, and embody self-expression in each individual piece. To experience a bygone era, revived and intertwined with today’s beauty, is our hope for those who see as well as wear this collection.

With nine pieces, consisting of necklaces, rings, and earrings, featured in our first launch on 24th September, each piece is individually crafted, and no two are alike, from the placing of gemstones to the types that adorn them. Owing to the individuality of each piece, wearers can easily pick one to suit the occasion or their current mood and outfit. Perfect for those who love self-expression without limits.