Callisto necklace

Jade Jewelry that we recommend for this season of gifting

Dec 6, 2022


The season of gifting is almost upon us and you must have started hearing jolly music that signals its arrival just around the corner! And how can this season be complete without the exchange of presents?

As you may be wondering what should you gift to your friends, family, and loved ones, we at Gen.K are here to help! We have a specially curated list of jade jewelry that is gorgeous, breathtaking, and sure to be loved by the recipient.

Bring to life the scene of a wintry Christmas through our Callisto Necklace! A mosaic of sapphires thoughtfully arranged around icy jade resembles falling snowflakes in this chilly season. The ivory white of freshwater pearls creates a picturesque image of a land blanketed in snow. If you know someone with a yearning to bask in the frosty weather, this necklace will surely warm their hearts!

Gentle hues of green will greet the eyes of those you gift our Ava Bangle to. This is for lovers of spring who prefer to be amongst blooming flowers and can’t wait for this chilly season to pass! This bangle’s soft green is reminiscent of the season after winter to signal the coming of rebirth and awakening. With this piece, you don’t have to leave your spring-loving friends out during this season of gifting!

We all have a friend who loves minimalism and subtlety, and the Eden Earring will surely have them jumping for joy. For some, lavish gifts during Christmas is not their cup of tea, as they prefer subtlety, in design and colour. This jade earring is of delicate green with soft shades of white, and have glistening sapphires dangling delicately below it. A blend of elegance and minimalism, it makes for the perfect exquisite gift.

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