How women can find themselves empowered by the craft and design of Genevie Yeo and Kayde Yeo.

Nov 14, 2022


Jewelry is a form of adornment on our bodies. It can carry a subtle message, seen only by those who are observant, or a loud proclamation to the entire world. Some may say that it is just something to be worn and taken off. But have you wondered what inspired these breathtaking pieces? When you see a designer, you can’t help but want a glimpse of the inner workings of their mind. Let us get an insight into the muse of Kayde Yeo, our co-designer, and Genevie Yeo, founder, and designer of Gen.K Jewelry, and how women can find themselves empowered by their craft.

Our founder, Genevie Yeo, before establishing Gen K, was working in a high-stress corporate environment. As she took a leap of faith, it struck her in realization that life doesn’t have to fit the mould of climbing corporate ladders and running rat races. This epiphany became her muse as she creates pieces that celebrate individuality and courage.
Therefore, the creation of jewelry can be a way of taking control of their own identity. Drawing upon the core moments in their life, they’ve infused their thoughts and emotions into the process, hoping to impart them to the wearer as well.
The act of buying and wearing jewelry for women can be a way of taking control of their own identity, as well as how they are seen by others. It can also be an extension of their personality and values, highlighted through the styles, colors, and patterns. We, as outsiders, may not understand what each piece means, but to those who are creating and wearing them, it can be a reminder that they are unique individuals with their personalities and rights.

If someone were to ask, “Who are you?”, you may answer with a name, but it can go further than that. Kayde Yeo, our co-designer pours her heart and soul into the jewelry she designs. With a flair for the arts that has taken root since her childhood, she favours designs that are not only asymmetrical but also one-of-a-kind, creating unique masterpieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, except with us at Gen K.

For women, each jewelry can signify an important part of themselves, from the cutting, color, and even the designer of it can tell a story. Some may choose to buy or have jewelry custom-made to immortalize significant moments in their lives. Kayde, have clients come to her, each wanting their own exclusive piece of jewelry for their loved ones, and she has made many dreams come true, with her mastery of the craft.

We have often seen jewelry as an item that is suited as a gift to friends, family, loved ones, and so on. The act of buying it for yourself may seem like a strange concept, but by doing so, it can signify breaking conventional norms. Buying power is placed in a woman’s hand when she buys a certain piece, instead of waiting for one to be gifted to her.
The act of buying can also be an empowering move. Some women may buy them to commemorate personal or professional milestones, and this is an action that exudes ownership over the course that their life has taken. They acknowledged that what has been achieved is borne from their efforts and that wearing a piece of jewelry that they have bought to symbolize the event, is an act of independence.

How about designing them? Genevie Yeo, and Kayde Yeo, have both grasped their lives by their reins and steered them in the direction they want. Each of them showed courage in taking their leaps of faith and took the road less traveled, breaking free of the mould that society may have set for them. Instead, they’ve forged their own path, and in doing so, enabled other women to take a stand for themselves, be it wanting their own customized jewelry, finding the piece that speaks to their soul, or being inspired by the designer’s background of following their dreams.
Here, at Gen K, we have a variety of jade jewelry perfect for women who strive for empowerment. Take a look at our online boutique or contact us for any questions you may have.