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Gen.K Flagship Boutique at Capitol

January 29, 2022


A house is not a home until you live in it, and a shop is not a boutique until you experience the brand’s unique appeal. For Gen.K Jewelry, the relentless search for an ideal space finally bore fruit with the opening of its flagship boutique at Capitol Singapore in January 2021. 

Since its early days at Seah Street in 2014 and subsequent years at Pacific Plaza from 2017, the move to its Capitol boutique marked a significant milestone in Gen.K Jewelry’s history. The cherished flagship boutique is housed at Capitol Singapore, a historic landmark from the 1930s – proving a perfect complement with the brand’s soulful creations that bridge heritage and modernity.

The exterior location, however, paints only half the picture. No effort was spared in curating the boutique’s interior, where the space now includes a private lounge to immerse guests in nature’s nuances that are brought alive in each contemporary jewelry piece. From bejeweled bees to birds and flowers, these elements are thoughtfully incorporated into each elegant design, and brought to life through personalized engagements with guests and closed-door events. 

Gen.K Jewelry flagship boutique Christmas installation 2021
Like the butterfly, encounter a personal transformation at Gen.K Jewelry’s flagship boutique. Photo credits:

Forming the bridge between exterior and interior worlds lies the visual spectacle of the window displays. To that end, Gen.K Jewelry’s search for a talented and committed artist paid off from the very first installation. Pei Li, a paper flower artisan who had subsequently ventured into organza flowers to push the limits of her craft, delivered an impressive display which magnified the jewelry brand’s characteristics of femininity and uniqueness. Admiring the effect created by the standing flowers, she remarks that “seeing the silhouette created by the light seeping through the translucent petals was a dream come true”.

Florist adjusting giant flower display to catch the light at flagship boutique
Pei Li (8_dec), the paper flower artisan, adjusts the giant organza flower to catch the light. Photo credits:

In fact, the founder of Pei-per Flower’s most recent creations of giant dandelions and hydrangeas for Gen.K Jewelry’s Christmas theme were inspired by the generous round shape of the jade drops of earrings and necklace of the Yara collection. These flowers were also the most challenging ones in Pei Li’s career – the papers for the hydrangeas were hand-painted to give each petal a different tone and overall depth, while each dandelion stem was cut and curled to give dimension.

Pei Li have shared that she loves how versatile paper is and the amazing creations that can come out with tender hands and creativity. A lot of attention goes into creating paper flowers so that they look as natural as possible. Besides paper flowers, she has also ventured into organza flowers and daily paper floral arrangements 2 years ago.

Although it was a tough process to make the paper flowers look as natural as possible, it is precisely the process which makes it memorable. This dedication to her craft embodies the essence of Gen.K Jewelry’s sophisticated pieces, and completes a guest’s experience at the Capitol flagship boutique. 

Christmas display at Gen.K Jewelry flagship boutique
Christmas display theme of giant dandelions and hydrangeas. Photo credits:

In the spirit of everlasting joy, be it through giant flowers on display or enduring jewelry pieces to be adorned, it is truly a journey through time that binds these facets together at the aptly historic location of Capitol Singapore.

Conveniently located opposite City Hall MRT, the Gen.K Jewelry flagship boutique is ready to bring guests on their journey through time – from standing outside the building to stepping into the world where heritage meets modernity, nature sings from its creations of jade and semi-precious gemstones, and emotional connections are birthed for the perfect modern heirloom.