Colors of Jade Jewelry

July 15, 2022


Jade has long been prized for its beauty and monetary value. However, a common misconception that people generally seem to have is that jade only comes in green color. While green is the most sought-after color, jade is available in a range of different hues.

The imperfectly perfect Jade jewelry

Jade is a natural mineral stone formed by enormous heat and pressure deep within the earth. When the jade boulders are cut, the jade hues are not always uniform across the jade slabs. Natural minerals like chromium and iron oxide will cause parts of the jade to have natural pigmentated flecks. Many times, the jade slabs are also found with specks, veins, and clouds characteristics.

While we are in a world that pursues excellence and perfectionism, we idealize that having things in perfect symmetry is the most desirable. It is not wrong to seek perfection, but we may have to step back to understand how this theory could be misaligned with the natural characteristics of a gem (jade) created by mother nature. While these veins, specks, or flecks may be viewed as undesirable, it actually equates to the fact that the jade itself is at its most natural organic state without having undergone any chemical treatments.

Due to the manner in which these bangles are sculpted from a natural stone, having to carve out a perfect flawless piece is near impossible.

Why do jade colors matter?

Colors may be used to establish the appropriate aesthetics, in a sense, they act as a narrative and help us express our mood and sense of style. It’s also essential to match the color of your jade jewelry to your attire because it contributes to the overall appearance you’re going for.

At Gen. K, we strive to provide you with a myriad of jade jewelry selections. Let’s have a look at a few of our collections and the gorgeous colors offered.

Shayna earring and Kassie earrings in Lavender Jade

Lavender is well known for its soothing properties. This delicate shade is thought to have the highest ethereal vibration. It exudes gentleness and femininity. Lavender shades are adored by young women, as they believe this color is the epitome of content and fulfillment. Feel like royalty every time you put this piece on.

Fiore Necklace

White is the classic color of elegance and sophistication. It’s one of our favorites due to its versatility. It complements any attire or event. This Fiore necklace, inspired by the calming movement of the ocean, accentuates the serene beauty of nature. This one-of-a-kind pair is crafted in 14-karat white gold and contains White Sapphires, Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Morganite, Blue Topaz. They’re completed with carefully selected white jade etched with a swirling vines design.

Colette Icy Jade Necklace

The Colette Icy Jade necklace is perfect for free-spirited individuals looking to express their personalities. This beautiful piece is handcrafted from 14-karat white gold and strung with an iridescent Icy Jade pendant set with sparkling diamonds, defining classy elegance. Definitely a stunning statement piece for the ultimate trendy girl appeal! It’s your time to shine

Ciaberra Ring

Green jade is, without a doubt, the most popular color when it comes to jade. The reason is that the soft green color is often associated with youth and freshness, whereas darker green shades represent empowerment and boldness. The multi-functional ‘Ciaberra’ ring screams courage and sophistication, and it fits well no matter the event! Wear it alone and let the floral form take center stage. Be prepared to receive compliments when you put this on!

Every color has its own unique appeal, so pick a color that suits yours! There is no right or wrong when it comes to jewelry. It is a way to express our individuality. Feel free to head on to our official website for more options! Happy shopping!