Chapter 2: The Wedding Set - Amantha & Ian

May 8, 2019


Amantha’s discovery of Gen.K Jewelry was a mere happenstance. Just like any other bride doing her diligent research before the wedding, she stumbled upon the brand and instantly fell in love. Amantha knew that she needed a unique Si Dian Jin set that complements her bridal looks; something that was elegant, timeless and inherently modern. 


With that in mind, the Gen.K Jewelry team worked closely with the couple to actualize the wedding set — catering to their needs and preferences within a tight timeline without compromising the quality. The result was breathtakingly unique jade pieces swathed in gold and scintillating gemstones.


Amantha gave her silhouette-skimming white gown some dainty bursts of colour with the Delilah earrings on her lobes, elegantly traced with blue, white and purple sapphires in a wave-like formation. For her bespoke mixed-material Cheongsam, the earrings were reintroduced again — this time, attached with lavender jade drops for an interchangeable wearing option any lady would appreciate. On Amantha’s arm and finger were a bangle and matching ring dotted with white sapphires and icy jade in an Art Deco setting from the Zuri collection, which received non-stop compliments from her invitees that day.


“Genevie and Samantha were very patient and helpful throughout the customization process,” praises Amantha. “Their service was impeccable and it was truly an enjoyable experience to have my jewelry pieces specially made.”

When asked for advice to soon-to-wed pairs who wish to customize jewelry for their big day, Amantha and Ian agree that they should include personal features that reflect their personality and journey as individuals or as a couple. “Don’t overthink the process! Look for a trusty jewelry maker (like Gen.K Jewelry) and leave the hard work to the experts.”

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