Briolette and Rose Cut Diamonds: The Splendour of Our Prestige DEW Collection.

Nov 10, 2023


At Gen.K Jewelry®, we are excited to introduce the DEW Collection, a stunning array of 8 distinct jewelry pieces that can be mixed and matched. Each piece is carefully crafted to stand out on its own while harmonising with others. The heart of this collection, however, lies in two remarkable diamond cuts, the briolette cut, and the rose cut, each with its own unique narrative.

What is a briolette cut?

Intricately designed, the briolette cut is a teardrop-shaped gem, featuring an array of triangular facets that encircle its entire surface. What sets it apart is its unique lack of a traditional table, crown, or pavilion, allowing light to flow through the diamond seamlessly. This innovative design results in a mesmerising brilliance that showcases an enchanting 360-degree sparkle.

Much like the teardrop that falls from a leaf after a refreshing rain, the briolette cut diamond captures the essence of fleeting moments. These diamonds, with their graceful curves and radiant allure, metaphorically mirror life’s precious moments, urging us to savour and cherish each one.

The briolette cut diamond represents the duality of life – a reminder that even in moments of adversity, there’s a shimmering beauty waiting to be discovered. It is the embodiment of nature’s gifts turned into something extraordinary, a profound metaphor for the transformative power of time and the resilience of the human spirit.

What is a rose cut?

Inspired by the unfurling spiral of a rose’s petals, rose cut diamonds speak of the gentle shimmer that separates them from modern diamonds. Each carries a testament to the appeal of the natural world and the magic it weaves.

Upon delving into the world of rose cut diamonds, you’ll discover that they are no ordinary gemstones. They are a true rarity, with just about 1 in 1000 gems having this exceptional cut. This makes them a treasure trove for those who yearn for a piece of jewelry that’s as unique as it is extraordinary.

As you hold one in your hand, it will feel as though you are holding a piece of time itself, a rose’s delicate elegance frozen in a gem. This diamond adds a touch of singularity to your collection, reflecting the magnificence of Mother Nature.

Prestige DEW Collection: Adela Earring


As you gaze upon the Adela Earring, you will be in awe of its masterful combination of three distinct diamond cuts. The dazzling Brilliant Cut diamonds immediately catch your attention. Their facets catch the light and radiate an unmistakable luminosity, creating a spotlight that is solely yours to bask in, no matter the occasion. Next, we move on to the rose cut diamond, inspired by its namesake, the unfurling of the petals of a rose. This appeal is elevated by the encircling 18K solid gold, providing it with a subtle enchantment, and enhancing the earring’s overall charm.

However, the true wonder of our earrings lies in the briolette cut diamonds. This teardrop-shaped cut represents the feelings we hold dear, where each moment is to be savoured and appreciated.

Prestige DEW Collection: Scarlet Ring

When a rose blossoms, it is the undisputed centre of attention in a garden full of flowers. This awe-inspiring moment serves as the inspiration for our Scarlet Ring. Adorned by a rose cut diamond, its enchanting transparency is akin to the soft appeal of rose petals. Evoking a gentle shimmer that stands apart from that of modern diamonds, its multiple facets evoke the serenity of the revered queen of flowers.

This centrepiece of elegance is further complemented by a halo of smaller, sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds. Similar to petals unfurling around the heart of a rose, these gemstones encircle the radiant bloom, celebrating love’s endurance. With every glance, the Scarlet Ring whispers a tale of refinement, as for centuries, diamonds and roses have stood as symbols of devotion.

Prestige DEW Collection: Starley Necklace

The Starley Necklace is best suited for showcasing briolette cut diamonds. Resembling crystalline droplets suspended in mid-air, each capturing light in captivating brilliance. Imagine them adorning your neckline, adding a touch of mesmerising allure that accompanies every movement.

Set against this breathtaking display is a white 18K solid gold chain. Acting as a backdrop, the precious metal’s splendour serves to become the pedestal where briolette cut diamonds stand out. The aesthetics of this piece does not solely depend on its elements but on how they harmonise to create a symphony of grace and style.

This necklace is not just a mere accessory, but an extension of your personality. It reflects your adaptability and taste for the finer things in life, being able to effortlessly transition between occasions.

Prestige DEW Collection: Colette Bracelet

The Colette Bracelet echoes the wonders which can be found in our cosmos. Its design features a bracelet adorned with rose cut diamonds, reminiscent of a constellation delicately arranged across the vast sky. Conjuring a cosmic tapestry that will have you in awe, this jewelry is limited to only one piece. Being one-of-a-kind, it awaits someone with refined taste who is searching for a creation that mirrors the fascination of the universe. 

Envision yourself as a stargazer as you admire the meticulous craftsmanship that has been poured into the Colette Bracelet. Each rose cut diamond conveys the infinite wonder of the celestial sphere, allowing you to carry a piece of the universe with you wherever you go.

How can you embrace the versatility of white gold?

White gold has the ability to accentuate diamonds regardless of their cuts. Its sleek appearance allows the facets of these gems to interact with the mirror-like quality of the metal, enhancing the play of light within each stone. When selected as part of a Si Dian Jin set, these pieces of jewelry carry auspicious symbolism to infuse the present day with time-honoured traditions. The precious metal, with its shimmering exterior, represents cherished values of purity and sincerity while allowing the embrace of a contemporary flair. Diamonds, representing love and prosperity, mirror the auspicious blessings exchanged between families during the joyous occasion.

When it comes to pairing this Si Dian Jin set with bridal wear, consider the versatility of white gold and diamonds. Pastel-coloured outfits, such as lavender, baby blue, and soft pink, complement the silvery look of white gold. The diamonds elevate the subtlety of pastel tones, creating a contrast. Additionally, neutral-coloured dresses like beige, grey, and cream, accentuate the metal’s gleaming surface, adding a touch of glamour to the overall bridal ensemble.

Prestige DEW Collection: Diva Flora Necklace

Picture this dreamy piece accentuating your wedding look, mirroring the charm of your special day. The Diva Flora Necklace, with its exquisite rose gold edges, delicately contrasts with the sparkle of the diamonds, creating an enchanting atmosphere fit for a fairytale wedding.

This necklace is not just a mere jewelry, but a portrayal of what nature has to offer. When it comes to blooming flowers, what can be more eye-catching compared to one with brilliant-cut diamonds? Bordered by the pink hue of rose gold, their allure exudes a charming aura, creating an unforgettable moment for you.

Prestige DEW Collection: Fiorella Bracelet

An ethereal halo is described only in words and found within the pages of fantasy novels. At Gen.K Jewelry®, our craftsmen and designers present the Fiorella Bracelet adorned with a tapestry of intricate details. Within this masterpiece, premium rose gold serves as a glowing backdrop in which the diamonds gleam. Aligned with precision and finesse, the brilliant-cut diamonds form an unbroken circle of light, creating a dazzling effect.

The Fiorella Bracelet is an embodiment of dreams brought to life, transcending the ordinary to beckon one into a world where imagination meets craftsmanship.

Prestige DEW Collection: Ariella Ring

The array of diamonds set along the ring represents the unbreakable bond of love. Each diamond represents a chapter in our life’s story, signifying cherished moments, and emotions shared between two individuals. The arrangement of these gemstones is aesthetically pleasing as well as emotionally profound. At Gen.K Jewelry®, the Ariella Ring isn’t just about design, it’s a wish. A wish that every individual who wears this ring will experience a beautiful journey woven through love’s narrative.                                       

Prestige DEW Collection: Blossom Stud Earrings

The Blossom Stud Earrings possess a unique brilliance beyond their visual appeal. Their versatility stands out, effortlessly elevating any outfit, with a touch of sophistication and grace. When paired with the Diva Flora Necklace, they collectively illuminate nature’s beauty. Whether you prefer them worn together or individually, these pieces are a sophisticated addition to any wardrobe.

How can you embrace the charm of rose gold?

Rose gold possesses a captivating quality that distinguishes it from conventional metals. Its soft hues evoke the image of a blooming rose, creating an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication that transcends time. The metal’s unique ability to kindle feelings of intimacy sets the stage for jewelry that goes beyond mere aesthetics. For those looking for a contemporary twist with Si Dian Jin, rose gold symbolises not only the union of two families but also the warmth that comes with a lifelong commitment.

And if you are looking for a tip when it comes to selecting bridal dresses to complement our DEW Collection with rose gold, we recommend opting for the classic choice of white or ivory. These hues perfectly showcase the beauty of the precious metal.

Are you interested in our Prestige DEW Collection?

In the Prestige DEW Collection, each piece embodies a fusion of craftsmanship and storytelling, drawing inspiration from the natural world’s grace and allure of diamonds. The briolette cut, reflects life’s precious moments, urging us to cherish every experience, while the rose cut embodies the singular essence of nature frozen in a gem.

Whether worn together or individually, these pieces invite wearers to celebrate life’s intricacies and will be a splendid addition to your wardrobe. Contact us for more information if you are interested in this collection, and we will be in touch soon.