White, magenta, yellow, and transparent gemstones


November 24, 2017


In this post, we are bringing you through the process into the making of every jewelry item in our collections. The process starts from sketching to creating a prototype, to casting a mould and turning it into a real life piece, takes up to several months.


To start off, our designers Genevie and Kayde, would allocate days where they would spend quality time drawing new designs of jewelry. Inspiration comes through experiences from the splendor of nature and people watching, where they would see what people are wearing and how they communicate who they are through what they are wearing.

After sketching and several rounds of revision, they would then hand-pick intricate semi-precious gemstones that is appropriate for the each design. With the model developed, our skilled craftsmen from Hongkong would evolve the digitized format into a prototype. From there, it would then be casted into a mold for production where these are brought to life through intricate metal work and fine detailing, as seen on Gen.K Jewelry.

Do you know that this works the same for custom made requests? Orders taken in for customization usually takes up to 8 weeks – 2 months, as all jewelry are hand-carried to and fro Hongkong. We take an extra mile for jewelry to be hand carried as we want to ensure all items are being delivered delicately. We also emphasizes on stringent quality check to ensure all goods received are up to standard.

It’s not easy during the jewelry making process, as we strive to bring out the best in quality and designs to our lovely customers. Effort, dedication, passion and hours are nothing, as when the final result, the final piece are being produced where we can proudly proclaim them as our designed piece. We feel the sense of satisfaction when we see our wearers love our beautiful jewelry pieces and uniquely pair each and every of them into their style.