Presenting the Divine Unity Bangle; A modern take on Dragon and Phoenix Bangles (龙凤镯)!

Jan 16, 2023


Why a dragon and phoenix?

According to traditional Chinese customs, the bride will usually be presented with a pair of Dragon and Phoenix Bangles (龙凤镯) on her wedding day, gifted by her mother-in-law. Steeped in cultural significance, these bangles represent the newlyweds as being a perfect pair, akin to a match made in heaven.

But why a dragon and phoenix? Let’s take a closer look at the significance they hold!

The Dragon and Phoenix are highly revered mythical creatures, usually depicted in ancient China on the robes of nobility, most notably that of the Emperor and Empress. Throughout the many legends surrounding both of these creatures, they’re well known for representing the “yang”, masculinity, and “yin”, femininity respectively. Therefore, having them both together is a sign of considerable auspiciousness as it symbolizes a union between two powerful forces.

What roles do the bangles play during the wedding?

An age-old Chinese custom for weddings involves gifting jewelry to the newlyweds. These bangles play a crucial role during the wedding as they carry meaningful and auspicious symbolisms. Each gifted piece of jewelry is infused with the blessing of a family member from either side of the bride or groom, as they wish the newlyweds an everlasting union of love along with receiving an abundance of good fortune.

Traditionally, dragon and phoenix bangles are gifted from parent to child, or in-laws to their soon-to-be daughter-in-law. However, with the passage of time, it is also common for the couple to select their own bangles, leading to their designs taking on a contemporary shift. Instead of being locked away in a safety box until the time comes for them to be gifted, there are growing preferences for them to be worn not just once for their wedding.

How did we give the Dragon and Phoenix Bangles a modern twist?

Our Chief Designer Kayde has blended tradition with contemporary tastes and we at Gen.K are proud to unveil the Divine Unity Bangle! No longer limited to being heirlooms solely to be passed down from parents to child, brides, and grooms can now wear their wedding jewelry as often as they want!

It is crafted from the finest quality jade as well as features intricate carvings of the dragon and phoenix in gold being entwined around the bangle. Completing this creative mosaic between the past and present are the precious stones used to give it a contemporary look. Designed to be both stylish and versatile, it can be worn for a range of occasions, from special events to everyday wear.

While the motifs of dragons and phoenixes may lean towards traditionalism, our Chief Designer has successfully brought it out into the modern spotlight through the Divine Unity Bangle. Conceptualized in the first quarter of 2022, and receiving its first prototype in mid-2022, this bangle has undergone aesthetics enhancements and is handled by only the most skilled craftsmen. A perfect piece for those who wish to pay homage to the rich tradition of Chinese culture while retaining a sophisticated style of modernity.

So, if you’re in the market for a stunning piece of jewelry that symbolizes the balance and harmony between two souls, look no further!

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